How to make your website or blog self promoting for FREE

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With the rapid growth in individuals wanting to promote themselves or their goods, part time workers, network marketers and small / medium businesses, there is a huge demand for truly cost effective marketing, ideally free.

In this marketing article, I will be covering how easy it is to make any ethical website or blog self promoting for free, and the benefits in terms of cost savings, free advertising, marketing and promotion brings.

I have included information on how a site, be it a business or personal website, blog, forum, group, auction site, online shopping mall, affiliate site, multi level marketing (mlm) site etcetera can be marketed for free.

What is a self promoting site?

A self promoting site, is a site that simply includes a feature that will help it to promote itself. I will be covering how this can be done for FREE shortly, but first let us look at the benefits of self promotion.

Why would you want to make a site self promoting?

Ideally making a site self promoting will provide the following key benefits:
  • Increasing the number of new site visitors (traffic) for FREE.
  • Utilizing the site to advertise, market and promote itself 24 x 7 for FREE.
  • Creating additional adverts and incoming links automatically, again for FREE.
  • To save on advertising / marketing and promotional costs and to increase profits.

How does a self promoting site work?

To make a site self promoting, you need to provide a benefit that a proportion of the site visitors will want to use and that will have a significant benefit to the site. Some of the giants on the internet have used this marketing technique to develop their businesses, a classic example is Yahoo who gave away free email accounts. In general the technique that they used is called viral marketing, and involved adding a promotional link to each email sent via their system advertising their free email accounts.

For individuals, part time workers, affiliate marketers, mlm marketers, network marketers, groups, clubs, charities and small, medium enterprises, duplicating the strategy used by Yahoo and others is not practical for a number of reasons, but there is a solution that has been developed to allow any site to be promoted using an integrated marketing strategy and it can be set-up and used for FREE.

This system works by providing the opportunity for anyone, also to make their site(s) self promoting, providing FREE advertising and FREE marketing.

With the high growth in both personal and business websites, and blogs there are millions of site owners who want to promote their sites, and millions more who are promoting affiliate sites, mlm, online shopping malls, auction shops etc.

Even if some visitors do not have a business or site of their own, they will know a number of friends who do.

Using a combination of some viral marketing techniques and automatic site networking, the EMS system can generate an exponentially increasing flow of visitors, advertising and links to any site. This is done automatically by the EMS system which creates new pages including an advert that links directly to the site being promoted and a registration process that directs new visitors to the site.

As the site network automatically expands under a self promoting site it can direct hundreds of thousands of new visitors to the site.

Exponential growth.

An indication of the additional visitor numbers that can be achieved using a self promotion system incorporating exponential growth, is shown in the table below. The table is based on 10 other sites being registered under each site in the network, level 1 being sites directly registered under the site being considered.

Level Visitors Total additional visitors

Note, the vast majority of the 1,111,110 visitors indicated will be new visitors to the site and will have been directed automatically to the site by the self promotion system. With a system based on exponential growth, visitor numbers do not increase instantaneously, they start modestly and accelerate over time, providing time to expand the business in line with new demand. For sites where too much traffic could be a problem, a traffic control system is available, making this system suitable for even the smallest sites.

Some additional benefits of this system include helping to improve the site’s search engine ranking / listing position and the traffic you receive from the search engines.

The savings can be substantial

The cost of advertising varies dramatically. As an example "Pay Per Click" (PPC) or Adwords advertising that directs visitors to a site, at $0.50 per click would cost $5000.00 per month for a compaign based on 10000 clicks per month. As there is no charge for using the EMS system the savings can be substantial. It is important to remember that the traffic from the EMS system does take some time to initially build up as the network develops and alternative marketing should be used in the early stages but the long term benefits of free traffic are substantial and the sooner a site is set-up to be self promoting the better.

Making a site self promoting for FREE.

Making any site self promoting for free, just requires the site to be registered on the EMS system at and adding at least one of the site’s personalized marketing links (provided in the site registration) to the site.

For sites where a personalized marketing link cannot be added directly (i.e. the site cannot be edited by the promoter) such as affiliate sites, mlm marketing sites, online shopping malls, auction sites (such as eBay that place restrictions on outgoing links) etc, it can be promoted via a FREE website or FREE blog. A good option for this is to set-up a FREE blog on and add one of the personalized marketing links to the blog, preferably in the blog heading.

Comparing the benefits of using search engines and the free EMS system.

Both of these provide different benefits to registered sites and can complement each other.

Search engines return a list of sites based on a query (the search text). The order in which the sites are listed is based on how well the site is ranked. The problem with sites with a low ranking is that they may be so far down the list that no one finds them. To get a significant number of visitors from the search engines it is important to optimize the site for the main search terms that potential customers can be expected to use. Improving search engine optimization includes the keywords used, content and the number of links to the site and is an ongoing process. By doing this the site will be higher on the list and more likely to be found by searchers. The objective of being on the first page is very difficult to achieve for common search terms and some businesses pay hundreds of thousands per year to maintain high ranking positions. One strategy used to improve ranking positions of smaller sites is to optimize for less competitive search terms.

With the EMS system the objective is to direct new visitors to the site (effectively advertising the site), also to increase the number of pages advertising and linking to the site. Increasing number of pages including links to the site can help to improve search engine ranking, which will help to increase traffic the from the search engines. An advantage of the EMS system is that traffic is not dependent on site optimization. The EMS system builds traffic, adverts and links automatically.

Summing up

There are significant advantages in making a site self promoting, both in terms of generating additional traffic and the potential savings on advertising, marketing and promotion costs.

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